WcORD: The Writing Center Online Resource Database

Writing center professionals have developed a huge collection of online resources ranging from blogs, videos, and podcasts to listservs, online archives for journals, and more. But how and where do we begin searching when we are looking for answers?

To meet the need for a searchable database that helps us find information and materials, two of the WLN editorial staff have developed an open access, searchable database we’re calling WcORD (Writing Center Online Resource Database). WLN Development Editor, Alan Benson, set up the database, and WLN Associate Editor, Lee Ann Glowzenski, led the project to start collecting resources to put into WcORD.

We invite you to use WcORD in two ways: 1) to search for information, and 2) to add resources you use or have developed that will be helpful for others involved with writing center work.

To use WcORD:
To view the open access, searchable database, click here: groups.diigo.com/group/wln-resource-archive

To add additional resources:
To enter new resources, please fill out a form for each new entry you are adding. Click here: goo.gl/forms/z4dVVtBglp

You can also request an invitation to join the group. Joining the group allows you to add and edit your own resources. For more information on joining WcORD, click here: User Guide

Questions? Please send an e-mail to Lee Ann Glowzenski: laglowzenski@gmail.com.